Can I Bring An E-cigarette By Plane?

by Jmate net on May 31, 2019

Because e-cigarettes are less harmful to people and do not produce second-hand smoke, many people now like to carry e-cigarettes when they are on a business trip. However, the issue of whether e-cigarettes can get on the plane is controversial.

Many people are worried that they can't bring e-cigarettes by plane. In fact, this kind of consciousness is wrong. Can you bring e-cigarettes by plane? How to carry e-cigarettes by plane?


Can I bring an e-cigarette by plane?

1. Electronic cigarettes can be boarded on the plane. There are batteries that must be carried with you and cannot be checked. Domestic flights are forbidden to consign electrical appliances containing batteries.

2. The battery must be carried with you, and with a capacity mark on, preferably with a battery box, domestic flights have strict requirements on the battery.

3. Smoke oil is best-consigned, carried with risks, domestic flights have strict regulations for carrying liquids.


How to carry e-cigarettes by plane?

It is possible to carry electronic cigarettes by plane. At present, there is no situation in which the security check is not given to the e-cigs.

For electronic cigarettes with built-in lithium batteries, they must be carried around and cannot be checked. Domestic flights require that the battery cannot be checked, such as charging treasure, the waiter of the normal check-in will also verbally remind. Pay attention to detail. When you have a manual security check, it is best to put the e-cigarette together with the laptop, iPad, Kindle, and mobile phone in the basket.


In different airports and different strict conditions, different situations may occur. If you do not want unnecessary losses due to the special inspection status that suddenly changes, it is best to:

1. The electronic cigarette does not contain a battery (the internal battery ignores this one).

2. 18650 battery should have a capacity mark and use a small box to install (or according to the above method into a charging treasure).

3. Smoke oil is not carried with you, all checked.


This basically does not have any problems with strict inspection. Can I bring an e-cigarette by plane? How to carry e-cigarettes by plane? I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this.


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