Discussion On Waterproofing Of Juul Pods

by Jmate net on June 24, 2019

Water and Juul pods, do they mix? 

Can water injury them, or are they waterproof? When spending your hard-earned money on some comparative privacy Juul pods, you would like to appear when Juul pods will drop in the bathtub, the pool or a puddle of water may damage them? Well, another time I’ve finished my analysis. Continue reading to seek out whether your Juul pods are waterproof and if water can injury or break them or not.

It’s no fun once you dive into the pool and notice your Juul has been with you. Electricity and water don’t combine, right? There are lots of queries on vaping forums from distressed Juul homeowners who have inadvertently brought their pocketed Juul (and pod) for a swim or for a session in a very hot-tub. As Juuls isn’t the most cost-effective vaping device out there, this can be a sound concern. I’ve been wanting into however waterproof Juul pods really are. We are able to dry them out if they get wet, we are able to defend them, and whether the Juul guarantee includes water injury to your Juul pod or device or not.

Are Juul Pods Water-Resistant?

Juul pods are a part of the closed-system Juuls. Individual components composed of metallic element, plastic and chrome steel. The official Juul website doesn't claim the device is water-resistant. However, several Juul and Juul pod users report that these devices parts, in fact, water-resistant.

Very few makers of electrical merchandise are about to tell you their device is totally water-resistant. After all, the Juul device wasn’t designed for scuba divers to puff on below the water. However once reading through a lot of forums and learning concerning alternative people’s Juul-related incidents I’ve come back to the conclusion that Juul pods will handle a fast dip. This is often as a result of that the seals weren’t designed with water-resistance in mind they're terribly sturdy and may face up to internal leaks. I’ve had many laughs reading the forums. Individuals dropping their Juul within the bathroom (if that happened to anyone I’m unsure I’d wish to use my Juul once more, even though it worked), or diving off a geological formation into the ocean and halfway down realizing they hadn’t emptied their pockets. Quite a few individuals have witnessed their Juul devices bubble to the surface of the tub. What all of those people have in common (apart from being a small amount forgetful/drunk) was that all of their Juuls and Juul pods still worked simply fine.

Juul Water Damage
If you do let your Juul pod get wet, it would be cleaned up. This is often typically temporary. 

Though it doesn’t appear to be affected, you ought to still ensure the pod and e-cigarette dry out completely. A damp Juul won’t work as well. So if your Juul does fall in the toilet bowl, what do you do?

Dissemble your Juul device: You’ll void your replacement warrant if you're taking your Juul fully apart. Taking a Juul apart is also trickier than you would possibly suppose. Thus by dissemble I mean simply separate the pod from the device.

(1) Dry the outside

Use a soft, dry paper towel to wipe off the visible water. You won’t apprehend if any water has reached the inner components of your Juul, however clearly drying off the surface can forestall a lot of from entering into.

(2) Place in an exceedingly carrier bag with dry rice or colloid sachets

It’s best to mention goodnight to your Juul and leave it for twenty-four hours in an exceedingly carrier bag containing either loose dry rice (a spoonful is enough) or 1-2 sachets of colloid. These absorb any wet within the device. Do that at temperature wherever the heat can let any internal water evaporate into the encircling air. This gaseous water is absorbed by your siccative – the rice or the silicon oxide.

(3) Try out your Juul

The above steps are usually enough, your Juul and Juul pod will be ready to use the next day. If the light doesn’t come on, try leaving the device in the bag for longer. If the light comes on but there’s no vapor or something doesn’t taste right, replace the pod.

Don’t skip the 24-hour drying step. Use a distinct vape or visit bed early. Albeit your Juul and Juul pod would possibly work fine when drying them off with a towel, there would possibly still be wet within. While not giving your Juul the chance to fully dry out, this might cause internal injury at a later date.

Juul Waterproof Case

So are you able to protect your Juul from the rain or snow? Or from dropping it into your glass of brew or the fish tank? Are there any DIY solutions? And what waterproof Juul accessories are you able to purchase to extend your Juule and Juul pod’s water-resistance?

(1) Waterproof case

Waterproof cases like this one are a decent plan after you wish to stay your Juul safe, however, they’re not terribly pocket-friendly. As they work for different vapes, these cases are usually massive and clumsy. I solely advise obtaining one if you'll handle being compound from your device for a couple of hours at a time.

(2) Waterproof Juul holster

Not solely can you be a lot of seemingly to comprehend your Juul is in your pocket before you jump within the pool, this waterproof Juul holster will additionally keep your Juul dry if you don’t. It’s on the market in plain or colorful styles and doesn’t take up an excessive amount of house.

(3) Juul clip

Okay, this isn’t a water-proof case, and it's value considering. Most people are clever enough to place our phone somewhere dry after we hit the beach. And a phone could be a ton larger than a Juul device or Juul pod that's simply forgotten concerning. Thus So why not clip your Juul onto something you are probably a lot more careful about?

(4) Waterproof pouch

This pouch is designed for a phone, why not take your phone and your Juul to the room with you? Compared to loads of Juul cases this one’s terribly cheap. If you’re an underwater welder worried concerning your personal belongings you would possibly wish to see at what depth these pouches are reliable, but reviews are all positive.

(5) Drybag

Going canoeing or surfing? Attach this bag to your gliding joint or wrist joint and let it float on behind you. It isn’t meant to be submerged, thus this isn’t as waterproof as a decent quality pouch or holster, however, it’ll work dead for on a daily basis at the beach and watersports.

(6) Silicon Juul case

These cases aren’t classed as waterproof as they can’t be utterly sealed, however, they positively add another layer of protection to your Juul if you don’t just like the plan of a bag or pouch.

(7) DIY drybag

I’ve looked around for DIY ideas to stay your Juul dry and also the just one that looked promising was creating your own DIY drybag like this guy. All you want could be a home-appliance, the abilities to use one, and loads of your time. It’s in all probability cheaper to shop for one.

(8) Waterproof spray

I additionally detected using NeverWet spray-on physics. I agree with this waterproof spray works, however, the minute you employ it on your Juul your pledge is blown out of the water. And you can’t waterproof utterly while not taking the device apart and breaking that ‘do not tamper’ seal. You furthermore may risk preventive up parts just like the charging port. Not a decent plan.
So there are several worthy waterproofing ideas that might stop water damaging your Juul e-cigarette or Juul pods. Strangely, the DIY answer is the most costly of all. If you have any other ideas let me know; there’s a comment box at the end of this blog.

My Juul Is Water Damaged, Is There A Warranty?

Every Juul contains a one year guarantee that you'll examine on their official site here. However, will the guarantee cowl water broke Juul device? If I drop my Juul within the tub, the bath, the pool, the sea, my beer, or the restroom (either before or when I’ve been) am I able to get a free replacement? Here’s a fast summing up of the Juul guarantee conditions:

  • One year-long guarantee from the acquisition date;
  • One, most 2 requests for a brand new device per ninety days;
  • Must be bought from an authorized Juul dealer;
  • Must have an official receipt from the licensed dealer;
  • The warranty covers workmanship defects under normal use;
  • The warranty covers material defects under normal use;
  • You must be the original purchaser.

But there’s a question. Once you check out what isn’t covered by the guarantee there’s a really long list of things that cause water harm. Also, your Juul pods are not included within the guarantee. Of course, using third-party accessories like counterfeit pods and chargers means that you’re now not coated. However what extremely stands out is that the line that says “Damage caused by the device being exposed to or returning to bear with moisture”, as a result of in keeping with Juul, wetness includes rain, humidity, and even “unusual serious perspiration”. So no. Water harm definitely isn’t covered by the Juul warranty!

Conclusion: Are Juul Pods Waterproof?

Officially, Juul pods aren’t waterproof. And they aren’t lined by the Juul pledge either. Not solely that, water injury isn’t lined by the Juul warranty at all. Thus you ought to take a minimum of a number of steps to stay your Juul and Juul pods waterproof. You’ll have seen my list of waterproof pouches, Juul holsters, and drybags. You’ll realize a lot of products that are guaranteed to make your vaping experience better than ever.


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