DIY JUUL Charger, Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

by Jmate net on May 13, 2019

You’ve probably seen some videos all over YouTube-everyday people showing you how to make your very own DIY JUUL charger in just a few minutes. While there might be a certain allure to creating your own DIY JUUL charger, there are three very good reasons why it’s simply a very bad idea.

#1: It’s dangerous

If you’re like most people, you probably carry around USB sticks with you everywhere you go and haven’t given too much thought to the technology that powers them. It’s just a few wires, right? However, even the best YouTube videos on how to make your own DIY JUUL charger will point out that you need to be careful that you don’t cross the wrong wires. Cross the wrong wires and, well, you may end up creating a bit of a mess.

#2: It can damage your valuable JUUL

Let’s do a little cost-benefit analysis here. Just how much money do you think that you will be saving by making your own DIY JUUL charger? Online, JUUL chargers retail is not very expensive. And now think about how much you spent to buy your JUUL -do you really want to take the risk that you are going to damage your brand-new JUUL just for the sake of saving $10? 

Remember: your JUUL is a technological device. Just like messing around with your iPhone or Android phone can cause the phone to stop working, the same thing can happen with your JUUL. If you read the promotional materials for the JUUL itself, even the makers of the device will tell you that the JUUL is intended to be a “closed system”. In other words, it’s not meant to be changed, modified or updated using a few DIY tech stunts.

If you are looking for clever ways to “mod” your JUUL, why not consider wrapping it with a fun new design? That’s one easy way to stand out in a crowd and differentiate yourself from your friends. JUUL wrappers are the way to go if you want to create a new, unique JUUL experience.

#3: For little money, you can get a real JUUL charger

Buy a reliable charger for your JUUL today 

Again, it all comes down to basic economics. For little money, you can have a guaranteed JUUL charger. In the, for example, a JUUL charger is just $29.99. And if you order with coupon code “JMATEPCC”, you can get 5$ off.

The bottom line here is clear: making your very own DIY JUUL charger is not only dangerous, but it also doesn’t result in any real cost savings. In fact, you might end up ruining your JUUL, and have to buy a new one. If you check out some of the JUUL charger posts on social media, there are plenty of stories of people who just can’t seem to figure out why their brand-new JUUL isn’t working anymore after playing around with a makeshift USB charger. Don’t be one of those people!


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