Don't Make JUUL Charger Yourself

by Jmate net on August 12, 2019

Curiosity defines the very essence of humanity, and one way to define curiosity is our constant need to open up things and explore what lies inside.

In the case of Juuls, you must contain your need to interfere with carefully manufactured items simply because we are not precise enough. One drawback of miniature technology is that it is giving increasingly less access for the average human to assess what happens behind the scenes. On YouTube, however, some self-proclaimed experts have started putting up tutorials of how you can make a working Juul charger yourself. The following reasons explain why the idea is absurd and should not be considered by you.


  • It Is Cheap.

If you were able to afford a Juul and are willing to replace its cartridges regularly, it is reasonable to assume that you have $10 to spare to get a brand new charger. In fact, purchasing a metal cable with a suitable charger for your Juul can satisfy your needs for even longer than the standard charger you get with the electronic cigarette.

There are also some bundle discounts available, where you can buy a pack of five chargers and get done at around $6. For a regular Juul user or someone who has friends involved in the same activity, such an investment is completely worth it.


  • May Be Dangerous

Juul has been one electronic cigarette which has been able to guarantee the safety of usage to the users. Its design is one which avoids the cartridge leaks from spilling, any short circuitry occurring from the sparks to ignite the electrodes for smoke, etc.

If you proceed to make your own charger according to such online tutorials, you will be asked to proceed with opening up the device and tweak the wires a bit. Now imagine you tweaking minuscule wires of a USB disk; it is an absurd idea because the chances of you forming an unknown junction and causing a disruption in the pathway just increased tenfold. Save yourself the trouble and simply purchase a new one.


  • Not Worth the Effort

Do not make your Juul the device on which you can master your technical stunts and claim yourself to be a heaven-sent tech freak. There are other ways to do that in laptops through programming and by making devices out of scrap.

The Juul itself is an expensive investment for many individuals, who end up using most of their savings to purchase it. Then there is the cost of refilling, and of any kind of personalization you want on the device. Just for the satisfaction of building a charger, you could have otherwise purchased for under $10, you burning your electronic cigarette is not respectable.



The aforementioned reasons should act as a sufficient explanation as to why it is not a good idea to create your own Juul charger. So, order a new one if yours is broken, and save yourself from self-inflicted risks such as these.


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by Ever on August 15, 2019

That’s right. Maybe you can fix it and the function is as good as ever. However, there are still hidden dangers, many details have not been noticed, and finally caused unnecessary damage.


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