How Much Is A Juul Charger

by Jmate net on July 30, 2019

Juul is now more and more popular in people's lives, and Juul can be seen on almost all occasions.

Juul is as small as a portable disc, and has a smooth appearance and is small enough to hold with a fist. It contains a Juul pod, which is heated to generate smoke and immediately evaporates into the air.

Of course, this is not a brief introduction to Juul, let us turn our attention to a very important Juul accessory-Juul charger.

There are a variety of Juul chargers available on the market, some for charging only, some for containing cartridges, some for charging on cars, and so on. Of course, other features will definitely be included.

So for many Juul chargers, what are the Juul charger price and characteristics?

The followings are some kinds of Juul chargers with a brief introduction.

  1. Jmate PCC
  2. Jmate P2
  3. Jmate Car Charger
  4. BRIK Portable Charger
  5. Julmate Portable JUUL Charger
  6. JUUL USB Charger

Jmate PCC is short for Jmate Portable Charging Case. This is a pretty unique product that’s actually really useful for JUUL® device owners.

One of the appealing aspects of the JUUL® device is its sleek design, so obviously you’d want a sleek case to go with it. Jmate Case is attractive and fitting of the JUUL® device. Obviously, this JUUL® Charging Case adds a lot of bulk to the JUUL® device. It slides right into pockets or bags and stays mostly unnoticeable. The 1200mAh battery in the Jmate holds enough charge to be able to fully charge a JUUL® device four times.

Now it is just $29.99. (Get $5 OFF with coupon code “JmatePCC”)


Jmate P2 is short for Jmate P2 Portable Charging Case. With the Jmate P2, you’re able to recharge your favorite JUUL® device anytime just like a power bank but in a stylish and convenient way. Whether you’re heading out to the game with friends, going to a party or simply spending the evening with your spouse, our Jmate P2 will make sure you have the power you need. All you have to do is slide in your JUUL® device and vape. It’s that simple, It’s going to make your vaping experience so much better!

Now it is just $29.99.(Get %10 OFF with coupon code “10%OFF”)


Jmate Car Charger is short for Jmate PowerDrive Car Charger. Jmate PowerDrive Car Charger offers two powerful charging ports. Magnetic charging port for your JUUL® vaporizers securely connects for a reliable charge. Jmate PowerDrive Car Charger powers any device from the additional USB port. 90 degree rotatable design allows you to get the best-using comfort, designed to work in the car perfectly.

Jmate PowerDrive Car Charger - now you can charge your Juul and your phone at the same time!

Now it is just $12.99.



Juul USB Charger is compatible with JUUL devices that come with the JUUL Starter Kit and the JUUL Basic Kit. Whether you’re using it as a replacement or as a spare, you’ll never have to worry about your JUUL device running out of power. To use it, simply plug the charger into a USB port and place your JUUL device right onto the magnetic charger. You’ll be fully charged up in about an hour.

Now it is $8.99.


Perhaps the Juul chargers above do not cover all. But it can also be seen that different quality and different products will have different prices. Pick your favorite one and hope to have a good experience.

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by Helen on August 15, 2019

Before, my charger was broken. So I searched the Internet for the approximate price. I saw this article, detailing several current mainstream chargers, which helped me a lot. Therefore, I bought a few here and recommended my friend to buy it.


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