How To Customize Your JUUL

by Jmate net on June 05, 2019

JUUL CUSTOMIZATION - Creating Unique JUUL Designs

The JUUL has become the foremost in style vasoconstrictor vaporizer over the past few years.

So popular that I find it difficult to go anywhere in public and not see AT LEAST one other person sneaking in a couple of puffs.

Unfortunately, the JUUL only comes in a couple of different color options. This limited variety of JUUL colors leave us JUULers craving a way to make ours unique.

Besides, at the end of the day: There are several units I am fond of, but this one is mine.

We could just buy a JUUL wrap to solve this problem, but that doesn’t feel quite as good as customizing something yourself.

Now, there is some more work to be done here than just slapping on a sticker and calling it your own. For this procedure, we’ll need to perform a JUUL disassembly.

If you find yourself taking apart your JUUL for other reasons, why not add some personal swag before reassembling?

Take care, however, this operation involves the use of some potentially dangerous tools. In the hands of the wrong individual, this process could cause damage to personal property or to one’s physical health.

That being said, following the safety guidelines that are given in this article greatly reduces the chances of self-harm.




Like any cosmetic surgery, there is a risk/reward ratio that each of us must ponder to decide whether or not the procedure is worth it.

This project involves victimization heating components to vary the bottom black/gray color of the JUUL into lighter shades.

The level of heat needs to be quite high to change the stock JUUL color.

And by heating components, I mean either a stovetop or a burner of some kind.

Obviously, these tools can be dangerous and cause burns or fires if used irresponsibly. The UTMOST care is required to remain safe and avoid personal injury.

This procedure should be performed outside if a blowtorch is the tool of choice. Using pressurized flammable gas in an enclosed environment can lead to a buildup of the gas resulting in sudden explosions that can cause serious fires.


So if you’re employing a torch, be intimate OUTSIDE.

This allows any excess gas to dissipate into the encircling atmosphere and avoids surprising hair and face customization.

Now that you understand the risks, let’s get into the step-by-step.




Materials Required:

Long pliers or metal forceps

Heat source: butane/propane torch or stovetop

A small dish of water

Paper towels

Optional: Heat resistant safety gloves


  • 1.) Disassemble the JUUL

We need to disassemble the JUUL so we can apply heat to the outer metal casing without damaging the internal assembly.

Once you complete this step go ahead and set aside the internal components, we won’t need them until it is time for reassembly.


  • 2.) Ready for the heat source

Either prepare your torch or heat up your stovetop.

Remember, if employing a torch the safest possibility is to perform the procedure outdoors.


  • 3.) Grip the metal JUUL case with pliers or extractor

Make sure your grip is firm to avoid dropping the casing while heating. The best way to do this is to grip it on the opening near the bottom of the casing.

If you’re victimization heat-resistant gloves, now is the time to put them on.

Make sure there are many spaces between the metal casing and your hands to stop burns if not victimization heat-resistant gloves.

Take care not to grip it too tightly, otherwise, you could accidentally dent or scratch the metal of the JUUL, resulting in an unsightly mark.


  • 4.) Move the warmth supply over the metal casing

Apply heat evenly to the metal for about 20-30 seconds.

NOTE: You may need to keep the metal over a stovetop for longer due to their less intense heat production compared to that of a torch.

Make sure you don’t keep the heat on one area of the JUUL for too long, otherwise you could begin to melt the metal, resulting in hideous and irreversible warping.



  • 5.) After 20-30 seconds, douse the hot metal in the dish of cold water to rapidly cool the metal

This allows the process to be repeated quickly to achieve the desired effect.


  • 6.) Dry off the metal with a paper towel and repeat the process until the desired color is achieved

As you heat the black/gray metal it will gradually turn to a soft gold color, and then to a pure silver color before beginning to melt.

The gold color is kind of nice, so take care not to overheat/perform the process too many times if that is the color you desire, as once the metal turns silver, there is no way to reverse the process.

Slow and steady is the key here. Heating the metal for shorter periods of time and increasing overall repetitions is the best way to control the shade.


  • 7.) Reassemble the JUUL

Reassembly is very straightforward and is also covered in depth in the How to Take Apart the JUUL post.

The only criticism I will build of this JUULer’s method is that the incontrovertible fact that he used a torch inside. Remember to only use pressurized gas torches OUTSIDE.

Make it Your OWN!

Although you could simply change the entire color of the JUUL, that wouldn’t necessarily make it the most unique thing out there (especially now that JUUL sells a silver version!).

Instead, consider only heating certain parts of the metal to create a striped or fade effect. The possibilities are endless, just make sure you don’t heat any particular spot on the JUUL for too long! (Otherwise, it could melt as mentioned above)

Here’s an example of a JUULer that added a gradual black to silver fade on their JUUL:


Looking Great, Feeling Better

Although this does involve quite a bit of work, this is the only surefire way to make your JUUL stand out among the crowd.

Or you might perpetually save yourself the trouble and simply purchase a contemporary JUUL WRAP if you aren’t the artistic kind.

No more comparing scratch marks to figure out whose JUUL is whose in a world where TONS of people have them.

As soon as all those other JUULers see your sick new coloring they’ll be dying to find out how you do it.

Here is a video on how to customize a Juul. And the method of customizing Juul may be different from what we wrote above. Just for your information.

Vape on, dear JUULers. We’ll see you soon!


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