How To Distinguish Between Fake Juuls And Real Juuls?

by Jmate net on June 04, 2019

We can't help but notice there are increasingly more counterfeit JUUL items being sold on the market. The same is happening in the U.S. market which I had come across. We want to assist you to establish the pretend ones by observing little details that may be found once golf shot the important and pretend along compared.

1. The font on the Fake JUULs is totally different.

The font uses on the authentic appearance a lot of nicer and slimmer.

2. "While supplies last" is not aligned middle. The whole thing is just way off.

This additionally applies to the edition JUUL pods after you square measure searching for pretend pods.

Counterfeit designs may improve over time and this may not always be the same if you are looking for references.

3. Colors are obviously different.

This pretends restricted navy JUUL I even have seen being oversubscribed within the retail retailers within the U.S.

There is no guarantee that JUULs are 100% authentic in the U.S. You have to learn to look for the differences.


This is a piece of must-know information once recognizing for pretend pods.

When you see the inside of the package, the fake package has a very shiny, shiny surface. Apparently, the counterfeits haven't modified this over years, even in the very latest JUUL pod fake editions.

Also, the pretend pods liquid is in terribly dark color.

Normal JUUL pod liquid would still flip chromatic as a result of chemical reaction however they are in different colors.


Some of the pretend JUUL kit I even have seen has completely different styles just like the charging half during this image.

There are many other things to look out for.

Starter kits are not available in different JUUL colors except solely black.


We hope everyone can use real JUUL and have a good experience.


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