How To Fix A Juul Charger

by Jmate net on July 25, 2019

The little JUUL chargers appear to possess a standard problem (except for our Jmate PCC and Jmate P2). A couple of weeks or months after regular use, they require all sorts of voodoo magic and rituals to get the damn LED to start pulsing.

I had one that got so bad, and spent at least a minute or two constantly rocking the JUUL back and forth, side to side, up and down, desperately trying to get it to start charging. I finally found this one would be sacrificed to science.

Hypothesis: The small pogo contacts accumulate gunk inside their tiny little wells. This gunk builds up to the point it starts acting like an insulator. When you rock the JUUL back and forth to get it to charge, you’re exercising these contacts and finding a small point of clean contact. After a while, the gunk is built up so much that the jiggling doesn’t do anything anymore.

Here’s how to clean the contacts deep inside:


Step 1: Open the charger up

Use a small flat-nose screwdriver to pry the bottom piece off the charger.


Step 2: Remove the guts

Inside the housing are a small circuit board and a pair of magnets. Set the magnets aside. Use a pair of flush cutters to snip the plastic retainer posts that hold the PCB to the shell.


Step 3: Clean the PCB

Fill your ultrasonic cleaner with distilled water and a drop of dish soap. Drop the PCB into this cleansing bath. Let it run for 3-10 minutes.


Step 4: Rinse the board in distilled water

You don’t want soap residue in there, rinse it.


Step 5: Dry it all out.

Use a paper towel, blow in it, and swab it with isopropyl alcohol (this helps dry and further clean).


Step 6: Reassemble.

Don’t forget the magnets!

 Here is a video for how to fix a Juul Charger. Just for your information.

The charger should be good as new. If you don’t want to hassle with the disassembly, you can just drop the whole thing into the ultrasonic. It’ll take longer to dry, though. Give it a full day in a very heat location to urge the wet out.


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