Introduction to E-cigarettes

by Jmate net on May 05, 2019


An electronic cigarette, also known as E-Cigarette. It is a portable electronic atomizer that is modeled after cigarettes. Charge via USB. The magical thing is that it is a blind eye. It uses a nebulizer to make propylene glycol or glycerin into a mist. It is indistinguishable from the smoke and does not contain tar and suspended particles. It is much less harmful to people. And because it does not burn, it will not produce second-hand ash, it is safer than cigarettes, and it is not so harmful to people around. At the same time, because e-cigarettes generate something harmful when they are used, they also look cool, which has attracted many young people. Electronic cigarettes are divided into three types: Mini (cigalike), Ego and Mods.



It is recommended to start with Mini first, whether it is the shape of the hand or the feeling of using it is the closest to the cigarette, and the price is the cheapest of the three. There are two types of Mini, one is to use electronic airflow to control the heating device, which means that when you inhale, there is smoke coming out, similar to normal smoking; the other is manual, you have to press a button to get out smoke. At the same time, the Mini also has a one-time (equivalent to the amount of 1-2 boxes of cigarettes, thrown after the end of the suction), or can be used repeatedly for charging, but because of the small size, the battery power is not large, can not last for a long time. 



Ego is slightly larger than Mini. It is similar to a cigar. It can replace nicotine liquid with different concentrations and different concentrations. The smoke generated should be thicker. The battery life and smoking experience are also greatly improved compared with Mini. However, Ego only has a manual style, that is, you have to press a button to smoke, so it is suitable for people who have used e-cigarette for a while. 

Apv or Mods


Also known as Apv (Advanced personal vaporizer), the volume is relatively large, the style is similar to the flashlight or the lower part is like the shape of a cigarette case, and then the cigarette holder is extended, and the parts can be assembled according to their own needs, so it is suitable for advanced electronic cigarettes. user. Because Mods is large in size, the battery is also large (some can accept different voltages), power and life are also the best among the three. Mods can also be filled with your favorite nicotine liquid, and the smoke is also the strongest. of. Because Mods is large in size and requires some experience in e-cigarettes to play, it is not recommended for novices to come up.

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by DANIEL P on June 12, 2019

Thank for introducing to e-cigarettes. I’m wondering whether I should choose e-cigs instead of smoking.
This can help to form a better understanding of e-cigs.


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