Juul Dimensions For Templates, Skins & Stickers

by Jmate net on June 17, 2019

Anything is often measured, as well as the scale of your Juul vape device. The trend of applying a number of those badass Juul skins on your vape has been increasing a great deal this previous couple of months. Don’t be ignored and impress your friends with a number of the good wrap templates you'll assume of! I’ll lief assist you to get going with making your own Juul templates and stickers, by giving some much-needed directions in terms of dimensions and measurements.

Measuring is knowing, that’s what my oldsters continually accustomed tell me. therefore that’s why I measured the scale of a Juul for you, as a result of I detected however a lot of individuals started moving into some extremely cool Juul skins of late. I’ve additionally verified the pod size just in case you’d like better to adorn a number of those additionally. or simply use these measurements for no matter the odd project you’ve got up your sleeve. 

How massive could be a Juul?

A Juul is 7 metric linear units high within the center (6.5mm on the edges), 15 metric linear units wide and close to ninety-five metric linear units long. while not a Juul pod put in, the length would be 8.7 mm. The dimensions of a Juul is corresponding to however slightly larger than a daily cigaret, that is why smokers would possibly significantly relish the size.

Translated for some American folks that prefer another unit of measurement, the size of a Juul will come down to the following, when measured in inches:

Height / Thickness (in center): 0.27 inches

Height / Thickness (on edges): 0.25 inches

Width: 0.6 inches

Length with pod: 3.72 inches

Length without pod: 3.18 inches

It’s simple to only place your Juul in your pocket and be surreptitious around vaping one. If you’ve got a fast break somewhere and no individuals are around, be at liberty to require some hits from your device. However, don’t assume the tiny stature of a Juul compromises the standard of the merchandise. Even supposing some pods tend to malfunction, I’ve never had any problems with my Juuling device some.

In case you’re interested in the common weight of a Juul, this may return all the way down to a weight of 14 grams once a pod is put in. This can be true for a brand new and crammed pod, by the way. Be at liberty to verify and check this along with your own devices if you’ve got one or 2 egg laying around. It’s a constant story for the pods, the additional you’ll live, the additional you’ll know! Let’s pass on to the skin wraps and see if the size for those matches the dimensions of the Juul.

Juul Skin Dimensions
Lucky for each people, the Juul skin dimensions square measure just about just like the info delineate on top of. A picture can tell you quite cardinal words. A form Redditor on the Juul subreddit has blessed the United States with an excellent technical sketch of all the relevant specs! while not additional din I’ll simply gift you the summary to finish all overviews once it involves measuring your Juuls:


There was fully no means I may have done the summary better than this Redditor, thus I’ve determined it'd be best to borrow it with the much-needed credit for the anonymous averageJuul! Please note that the numbers confer with inches and not millimeters or centimeters, thus you’ll grasp you’re not mistreatment the incorrect unit of measure.

There’s just one factor missing from this sheet that loads of individuals tend to raise around for. The pods themselves may have their own skins, creating it necessary for the art of us out there to grasp the pod measurements similarly. Decorating a Juul is one factor, however centering on the pods could be a whole different level of dedication.

That’s why it’s most likely an honest plan to collect this text with some knowledge that revolves around the Juul pod sizes. I’ll provide you with them in. Measurements and millimeter measurements once more, with great care you'll be able to choose and select your most popular unit. The Vaping Junkie weblog is the USA and worldwide friendly, everyone seems to be welcome here. Pods square measure an entirely different ball game, as a result of everything, is really kind of small. Hope you have got some steady hands and a few patients if you’re aiming to work with a canvas that tiny.

Juul Pod Size Specifications

Okay, we have a tendency to get all the info around the main attraction, however, some individuals wish to require it all a step additional. I’m talking, obviously, concerning the e-juice pods that are at the core of each Juul expertise. Just in case you’d prefer to create skins for your pods similarly, you ought to conjointly take some measurements for those. The height, breadth and length dimensions for a Juul pod are:

Height: 7 mm

Width: 15 mm

Length: 29.5 mm


Using these dimensions, you'll begin coming up with wraps for your pods within the same theme you planned to create your skins. And sure, let’s provide some facilities for our American friends additionally by changing these numbers to inches. Here’s the info for you, American friends:

Height: 0.24 inches

Width: 0.59 inches

Length: 1.16 inches


There are your numbers guys, use them well for no matter project you’re reaching to would like them. If you wish some a lot of careful specifications around specific elements of the Juuls or the pods, please discuss with the image on top of. That may have each activity you’re ever reaching to would like (in inches) on there. clearly with a special because of Reddit-user /u/averagejuul, UN agency has created the model for others to use and share.

Some individuals tend to additionally wish to understand measurements for the charger or battery. It’s a reasonably annoying device to live, however, I’ve managed to extract some knowledge for you once it involves the Juul battery still. reasonably cheated for this one and took some knowledge off of Reddit once more, this point its /u/station_nine with the proper answer, he wrote the subsequent concerning the scale of the battery:

7/32″ thick, 9/16″ wide, and 3 1/16″ long from bottom of juice window to the bottom of Juul.

So hopefully this could facilitate somebody in their rummage around for an honest answer to their queries. If you’re still scuffling with your battery measurements like I used to be also, let me understand within the comment section and perhaps we are able to find out an honest resolution along, so as to finally get the right dimensions.

Creating Your Own Juul Templates

Whatever your goal is with victimization these measurements, a templet or mensuration knowledge summary like this can be continuously useful for a few inventive minds out there. We're astounded by the speed at that the Juul community is growing, therefore that’s why I tend to hide tons of knowledge around Juuls latterly. For instance, solely on I mentioned some usually asked queries like if Juul smoke is scentless, a way to stop pods from water harm, or alternative topics around an identical theme. Be at liberty to inquire from me your burning queries victimization the contact kind within the menu at the highest.

If you’re trying to find the simplest choices in terms of vaping product, I’ve got associated in Nursing surprisingly helpful summary for you on this page. It’s wherever I collect all my articles around the best vape gear in every and each specific class. as an example, I conjointly discuss the simplest e-juices for your Juul devices. positively price looking for, albeit you’re solely fascinated by Juuling. Well, that’s all I got for you these days, let me understand if the knowledge helped you in any respect. And as continuously, vape on!


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