JUUL Electronic Cigarette Introduction And Use

by Jmate net on May 07, 2019

JUUL e-cigarettes, data from the first three quarters of 2018 show that JUUL has a market share of 80% in the US, sweeping the North American e-cigarette market and becoming a unicorn.

Recently, JUUL's producer PAX Labs has completed a merger and acquisition of VMR Products, the parent company of V2, the top five independent electronic cigarette brand in North America, which makes JUUL even more powerful. So where is this electronic cigarette? Come together.


1) The exclusive patented salt and alkali salt technology in the world makes the taste reduction high, which is very close to the throat sensation of real cigarettes. This is the most important reason for JUUL to quickly occupy the market;

2) The cool shape, full of technology, gently tap 2 under the fuselage, the indicator light will light up to inform the battery;

3) The operation is simple, and the cartridge is directly used, which is very convenient to use.


The first time you recommend buying a JUUL set:

It includes a tobacco rod, a USB charger and a box of cartridges (tobacco, mint, fruit and milkshake flavors, respectively), as shown below.

In the future, you can purchase individual flavors of cigarettes according to your personal preferences.

Tobacco taste:

JUUL cartridges are packed in boxes, 4 in a box, each capable of sucking 200, roughly equivalent to the amount of 1.5 packs of cigarettes. The nicotine concentration is 5%.

At present, PAX has launched a total of eight flavors of tobacco: tobacco, classic tobacco, mint, classic mint, mango, milkshake, fruit, cucumber.

[Classic tobacco is thicker than tobacco, some cigar flavors; classic mint is cooler than mint]


First use instructions:

  1. It is recommended to charge for 40 minutes before using for the first time;
  2. Unplug the color cover of the cartridge and insert the JUUL rod;
  3. Slightly suck two mouths to suck out excess air from the cartridge to reduce the probability of oil leakage.



  •  1. What should I do with oil spills?

The domestically sold genuine JUUL is imported from the United States and needs to be shipped to the customer after being transported. It is normal for some of the small bullets to leak oil. Pull out the cartridge and clean the rod with a cotton swab or paper towel to continue. use.

If you encounter a large number of consecutive smoke bombs, please contact the seller.

PS: There is no electronic cigarette in the world to avoid oil leakage of 100%. At present, the probability of JUUL electronic cigarette leakage is less than 1%, which is a leader in the industry.


  •  2. Insert the cartridge and the cigarette rod does not respond

First, check if the cigarette rod has electricity. Tap the cigarette rod twice and the indicator light will display the battery: green is full, yellow is medium, red is low, and needs to be charged.

When the tobacco rod is powered, remove the cartridge, wipe the point where the cartridge is in contact with the cartridge, and reinsert the cartridge.


  • 3. cannot be charged

It may be that JUUL charger or the bottom of the rod is in contact with the metal sheet to adhere to the impurities, resulting in poor contact, and can be charged normally after wiping.



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