JUUL Guides And JUUL Instructions

by Jmate net on June 03, 2019

As JUUL becomes more and more popular in people's daily lives, people are increasingly eager to learn more about JUUL. Therefore, the guidelines and instructions mentioned below should be helpful to most people.


Vaping Vs Smoking

For centuries cigarettes have been used and only recently vaping became popular. Vaping is considered a safer and better alternative as compared to tobacco smoking and JUUL is just one of the most sought- after vape products today. What makes vaping stand out? Let’s answer this question by comparing vaping and smoking. Generally, smoking produces heat from the fire which causes a significant change of substances from solid to a vapor state, releasing nicotine and eventually absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs. Smoking causes a release of dopamine in the brain, constricted blood vessels, increased heart rate, and alertness. It only takes around six seconds for the active compounds of tobacco smoke to reach the nervous system, consisting of partially burned particles. Tar is produced in the body that may cause cancer, destroys taste buds, and blackens the teeth.  

This is where and when vaping comes in. Heating the active components of tobacco, specifically nicotine, without combustion reaction, through aerosolization will get you the fast effects without suffering from the harm of smoke inhalation. Vaping utilizes either a metal or glass chamber with the passage of an electrical current on the device. Through this design, the material is heated to a controlled and ideal temperature to create a vapor quality with minimal combustion, which means inhaling less to no smoke. The use of a liquid solution or “e-liquid’ instead of dried tobacco is now more acceptable as e-juices only contains water, a base, flavorings, and nicotine. So, how about e-liquids in pods? This is what JUUL is famous for because this product was designed and manufactured with smokers in mind, and it is considered a very satisfying cigarette alternative.


Enter The Pod-Based Vaporizers

Pod-based vape systems make use of a “pod” rather than a traditional atomizer or tank but they actually do the same job. Pod systems hold the e-juice as well as vaporize the material to deliver vapor through the mouthpiece, and they have a smaller capacity than most vape tanks (1 to 2 ml). Some brands of pods are bigger. A pod-based vape, like JUUL, is very easy to use, just simply push the pod into place on the top of the device and inhale. Just pull it out if you want to switch flavors or if the pod is empty. Pods run in either an “open” or a “closed” system. An “open” pod is similar to an ordinary vape tank, refillable, and any liquid is compatible. A closed pod vape works similar to a cartomizer (cigarette-like device) that is loaded with e-liquid. It is not refillable, so it is disposable or thrown away when done, adding to easy usage.

A pod system produces less vapor but is not in any way less hard-hitting. Pod systems are more compact than modern vaping devices, making them a great choice if you are a regular outdoor vaper. The pods just simply pop in and out, and many works like a cigarette. It is simple and easy to use, and all you need to do is to inhale to vape. The satisfaction you’ll get from a pod system, like JUUL, is unmatched, most especially true if you are using a higher-strength e-liquid or high strength nicotine salt options A pod vape is also discreet by nature. 



JUUL believes that adult smokers who are interested in switching from cigarette smoking should be offered a high-quality alternative that can satisfy them. Vaping using a JUUL device makes heavy smokers satisfied when switching to vaping. Because of the effort of JUUL to serve adult smokers, the vaporization technology approach is unique and highly beneficial. The temperature-regulation technology is intelligently incorporated in all JUUL devices to heat the material optimally, without reaching combustion. Indeed, JUUL makes switching to vapor products convenient. Only high-quality materials are used including medical-grade plastics for a superior experience. With constant research and innovation, JUUL always tries to find better ways to ensure the needs and wants of adult smokers are met, smoothly transitioning smokers to vapor products. JUUL is an established brand with unmatched quality and performance, suitable for a pro or a newbie.


Up Close and Personal

Vaping is hardly known without the JUUL brand. It is a rockstar since it was conceived. It sets the standards of pod-based vapes. Many people know JUUL because of all the known benefits as well as controversies. Nevertheless, it is a successful brand that helped a lot of smokers to finally cease the habit. However, what makes JUUL different from other vapes in the market today? The product designers, engineers, and scientists of JUUL believe that vaping should have a positive impact whenever it is used by smokers, with a goal to maximize the positive effects and reducing the negative ones. JUUL complies with international and U.S. quality and quality standards, including the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Every JUUL product undergoes extensive inspection and testing at JUUL Labs.  

The smart design and engineering of JUUL are results of the relentless efforts of the company to create the best smoking alternative. Many heavy smokers recognize the benefits of JUUL into their health and overall lifestyle. It is no wonder why JUUL is an award-winning vaping device, gaining recognition worldwide. Celebrities, artists, and cannabis enthusiasts are just some of the groups of people patronizing JUUL. The body of a JUUL device has a patent-pending temperature regulator, a set of sensors (readings for charge level and senses when you’re vaping), and contains the battery (has been through rigorous stress charge and make testing). The atomizer is contained inside the JUUL pods, carrying the proprietary JUULsalts™. It is an e-liquid formula that is based on nicotine salts instead of free base nicotine. This vape is portable, durable, and very easy to use. You can bring it anywhere, like attending a concert, traveling, or simply relaxing at home. The JUUL vape device is rechargeable via a magnetic USB charger and it takes roughly only an hour to fully charge. JUUL Pods easily click into the top of the JUUL device that also serves as the vaping mouthpiece.  

The lithium-ion battery of JUUL is encased in an aluminum shell, along with a pressure sensor and the circuit board which is all separate from the liquid and vapor. JUULpods are specifically constructed with heat-resistant and food-grade plastics, with a stainless-steel vapor path, nichrome coil heater, and an industry-standard silica wick. At the base of every JUUL device, there are magnets that hold the unit securely in place while it is connected to the USB charging dock (also magnetic). While many electronic devices with magnets affect each other, a genuine JUUL not excluded but without causing significant damages. To prevent such occurrence, JUUL highly advises using an alternate USB port. You can use the port on the right side of a computer to best charge JUUL. Keep away your JUUL from credit cards, key cards, and other objects with magnetic strips. When it comes to the battery, JUUL utilizes a lithium-ion polymer battery. To assure safety, charging JUUL only occurs at temperatures ranging from 41°F to 113°F (5°C to 45°C). The smart-charge technology of every JUUL device is engineered to minimize the risk of overheating caused by overcharging. A full charge lasts about as much as one pod depending on the frequency of use. The JUUL pod approximately provides 200 puffs.


How To and other JUUL FAQs

1. How to Maintain and Clean Your JUUL

Generally, JUUL doesn’t require much maintenance, and we advise using a slightly moistened cotton swab or a dry one to clean the inside where the pod is inserted and charging contacts. The best way to make sure that your JUUL will last long as expected, you should not store it for more than two weeks with an empty charge. It’s best to charge your device fully with the pod removed before storage if you plan to store your device for a month or even longer. Like any other products containing nicotine, store your JUUL vape out of children’s reach and pets.

2. Can I travel via plane with JUUL and vape?

You might be wondering if you can bring your JUUL vape while traveling. Generally, JUUL is safe for travel. However, most airlines restrict using vaporizers. JUUL recommend not flying with pods that are partially used. Dispose of them before riding a plane and use a fresh and new one when you land. Vapes may leak because of extreme changes in altitude. Avoid direct contact with the e-liquid and simply wash with mild soap and water if you get e-liquid on your hands.

3. Can I open and refill JUUL Pods?

Do not open them using sharp tools. When it comes to disposal of JUUL units, pods, and batteries, they should be treated like other consumer electronic devices, such as a cell phone. JUUL highly recommend following your city’s local ordinances, most especially concerning disposing of a lithium-polymer battery.

4. How to best puff using JUUL?

JUUL pods are specifically built for easy and smooth drawing to produce an optimal and excellent vapor, as well as unique nicotine experience. While it may take a little extra suction initially, the JUUL Care Team recommends a gentle puff and avoid aggressively puffing. The use of extreme suction may force the e-liquid up into the air path. Avoid squeezing the mouthpiece between the lips or teeth. Just simply enjoy the natural flow and draw of JUUL for the best vaping experience.


Common Troubleshooting Tips

If your JUUL pod doesn’t produce any vapor, you need to make sure your battery is properly charged. Double-tap your device to check the battery life. A red LED light means that the device needs to be charged. Sometimes, pod contacts are not connecting with the battery, causing condensation to build up at the bottom of the pod and on the top of the battery. This happens because of leaks on the bottom of the pod caused by squeezing the pod too much. It can be caused by hacking and refilling the JUUL pod leading to serious leaking.  

If your JUUL is not producing a satisfying vapor, try to use a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts inside JUUL and the pod. This simple step should easily restore the connection between the device and the pod due to moisture. Also, there may be tiny air bubbles in the wicks of the pod that can also cause the issue. You can simply take the pod out and gently tap it (with the mouthpiece side up) and reinsert. The tiny air bubbles will rise, re-saturating the wicks. Try to use an alternate JUUL pod to check if that helps. Your JUUL device should make a secure connection to the magnetic charging base. Clean the charge contacts and charging base using a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol.


JUUL Battery Versions

JUUL also comes with different battery versions.

The first is called V1, wherein the charging contacts at the bottom of the battery with diamond cut out at the top part of the JUUL charger (weight = 12g).

The V2 version is hexagonal in shape and weighs 12 grams.

The V3 version charges contacts changed to 4 larger rectangular shapes with a hexagonal shape that weighs 12.4 grams.

Lastly, the V4 is a Navy-Blue battery.



Given the superior quality and performance of JUUL, it is considered the highest recommended vape for those who want to switch from tobacco or cigarette smoking to vaping. Heavy smokers gain satisfaction from using JUUL because of its high nicotine strength without the damaging effects brought about by combustion. Many vapers love its portability, user-friendliness, and design. This pod-based device is the best vape on-the-go because all you need to do is vape once the pod is in place. It is drawn-activated and no-hassle buttons to press. It is not surprising why the founders became successful in introducing JUUL in the market. JUUL is not your ordinary vaping device, it’s smart, straightforward, easy to use, and provides very satisfying cigarette-like hits. The JUUL pods are intelligently designed to bring fresh coils every time, unlike traditional tanks and mods. If you are looking to switch to vaping, you’ll not retract anymore because you’ll find JUUL as the best alternative to smoking. There’s no other vape brand that can provide the best hits like a cigarette other than JUUL, making a very good investment for your health and general well-being.


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