How To Do With Juul Not Charging

by Jmate net on August 05, 2019

Once you begin Juuling, there could be no turning back, and albeit, you do not need rerouting because it’s a safe way of pleasing yourself.

The biggest nightmare for a daily user is to come back home in some unspecified time in the future and realize that the charging talents of your JUUL Vape have left your facet. While not creating any hasty selections like instantly ordering a replacement charger for JUUL, take the following approach:

  • Diagnose
  • Confirm
  • Fix

The following are some common problems which can be the reason behind your JUUL not charging up.

  • Problem 1: Wet Terminals

Connecting your JUUL charger to a wet terminal is very risky, and therefore the additional physical phenomenon by the wet will cause a drag for your Vape. However, generally, there's no method of telling if one thing wet seeped and the way it became a supply of the wet.


Place your Vape in an exceedingly bag packed with one thing which might absorb wet and dry up the surface, like rice. Take it out, wipe it with a dry artifact, and check out charging it once more. keep alert for a number of minutes and if it looks to possess no discrepancies then you're sensible to travel.

  • Problem 2: Hit and Drop

Dropping your JUUL will have an instantaneous impact on the fragile positioning of the machinery within. Once dropping it or accidentally having it onerous enough, shake the Vape to envision if you'll be able to feel a part within moving. Then place it on the charge to envision if it works.


If your JUUL refuses to return to life, look for skilled help. And for future safety, purchase a JUUL skin for a classy product with none compromise in quality.

  • Problem 3: Bad Quality Charger

Being a victim of fraud in today’s world once alternatives to everything exist within the kind of copies, faux providers, etc. Thanks to good imitation, the human mind becomes rather simple to confuse. The last JUUL charger you bought might be of such inferior quality, and when some run its weak style is probably going to provide up. Check if your Vape is charging on another charger.


If the result yields positive, you will need a new charger. Check out Juul collections for the best quality Juul chargers, which are guaranteed to last long and have no semblance of fakeness.

  • Problem 4: Broken Wire

Most wires are encased in rubber from the outside for insulation, but because of that wire breaks inside are not very easy to detect. They can be lethal for your break because of the risk of short-circuiting.


Purchase a magnetic charging cable from Juul accessories. This is a product which will instantly suit your durability needs, and its long size makes it a lot easier for you to charge your Vape in public areas without the need for actively guarding it. Making this purchase and use it fearlessly in the near future.


Also, we can try the following methods:

  • Clean the battery and charger contacts

Have you ever cleaned your JUUL? If you carry it in your pocket – as many folks do – it’s possible that the contacts have collected months of dirt, dirt and pocket lint. If the pins within the charger can’t bite the contacts on the bottom of the JUUL, the battery can’t charge. Clean the battery and charger with a cotton swab. If you have got hassle loosening stubborn grime, attempt moistening a cotton swab with a bit application or employing a toothpick.

  • Try an extended charger

If your JUUL still isn’t charging – and you’re certain that the pins and contacts are all clean – it’s possible that the battery is completely dead. Some people have been able to revive dead JUUL batteries by leaving them connected to their chargers for several hours.

  • Try different charging equipment

Before performing more in-depth troubleshooting of your JUUL battery, eliminate the charger and USB port as potential causes of the issue. If you have a second JUUL battery charger, try using it. You should also try moving the charger to a different USB port.

  • Reposition the battery

Some JUUL users have reported a tendency for the internal battery to shift inside the device’s metal casing – particularly after the device has been dropped against a hard surface. If that has happened, it’s possible that the pins in your battery charger are no longer touching the contacts at the bottom of the battery. Take away the pod from the battery. Insert a cotton swab in the top of the battery and push down gently to move the battery’s contacts to the bottom of the device’s casing.

The problems showed above are the main reasons for Juul charger not working.

Of course, there are no other reasons, and there are different ways to get problems solved. But basically starting from these four aspects, 99% of the problems can be solved. If you have any other methods, please leave a comment below, we’ll send a small gift if your comments inspire us.

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by Elly on August 15, 2019

One time my Juul didn’t work and don’t know how to work with it. So I looked for help on the internet. And then I saw this, it finally worked after I did according to the steps showed on the blog.
That’s great……


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