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As a revolutionary in e-cigarettes, IQOS has swept through many places.

IQOS belongs to the heating and non-burning tobacco products and is related to electronic cigarettes. Others include smokeless tobacco products, cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, etc., but still, do not burn tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, so other The category is not discussed.

Divided into three-stage filter and cigarette sheet.

Only one-third of the effective use part, the utilization rate is relatively low.


  1. High taste reduction;
  2. The filter is long, the purification effect is good, health;


  1. The low utilization rate of smoke bombs;
  2. Each need to be charged, charging time is 4-5 minutes.

From the entrance feeling, there is a very "real smoke" feeling and impact. After all, it uses real tobacco, not smoke oil. It has a very big difference with other types of electronic cigarettes. The overall taste is very close to the real mix types of cigarette.

Despite the shortcomings of charging each cigarette, the cartridge is not economical, but the real taste experience has made IQOS swiftly swept the world since its inception.

The number of IQOS users increased from 1.4 million in 2016 to over 4.7 million in 2017, an increase of 235.7%. In 2017, the shipment of IQOS special cigarettes HeatSticks was 36.2 billion. In 2015 and 2016, the corresponding shipments were 396 million and 7.4 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 121.2%.


JUUL and IQOS are in fact the same door, they are all research and development products of Silicon Valley black technology company PAX LAB.

As a rising category in electronic cigarettes, JUUL flat cigarettes are far more convenient than traditional e-cigarette products and are more convenient to carry. They are rapidly emerging in the European and American markets and become the mainstream of young markets in Europe and America.

According to Bloomberg News, in June 2018, JUUL Electronics raised $1.2 billion with a valuation of $15 billion. Its valuation is higher than the total global e-cigarette market in 2017.

JUUL is used to replace the cartridge. It is easier for users to add oil to themselves. The results of the JUUL e-cigarette evaluation show that the original cartridge is relatively much better, and the addition of other smokers does not reflect the original sense of throat.

The main difference between JUUL and other products is their patented nicotine salt, which is PAX's global patent. The taste is highly restored, and it is no different from the real cigarette. The JUUL e-cigarette evaluation results show that this product is currently the most portable and small-sized electronic cigarette on the market.

Development of JUUL

JUUL is dominant in the e-cigarette market, and its data is amazing. According to Wells Fargo's analysis of Nielsen's data, JUUL's US dollar sales soared 783% to $942.6 million in the 52 weeks ended June 16. In the same period, flat tobacco increased by 97% to US$1.96 billion.

According to Wells Fargo's data, JUUL's revenue growth from June to June 2008 to June 2016 was $836 million, and e-cigarettes were $965 million. The growth of the entire flat cigarette category, JUUL, accounted for 86.63%. It is almost understandable. It is JUUL that is driving the growth of flat smoking categories.

Pay attention to it, JUUL's research and development, and ultimately the high-priced transfer fee that PAX LAB obtained through the sale of IQOS.


JUUL needs to thank IQOS, of course, now JUUL is also revolutionizing IQOS, and later will be in the former.


The followings are reasons for why I choose JUUL instead of IQOS:

 1. The fragility and squeakiness of IQOS, against the simplicity and power of JUUL!

Any product, simplicity is the first point! But IQOS is a product that is not at all simple.

Pumping once and charging once; the heating piece is broken if it is accidentally; the cost of repairing it is 100; it needs to pay attention to regular cleaning; it will not be used for no reason; the volume is large, equivalent to a mobile phone.

These problems plague every IQOS user, and JUUL does not.

(1) It can be used for two days after charging for one hour;

(2) A smoke bomb can be pumped for more than one day, with the pumping, and put it down to stop;

(3) The probability of a problem is extremely low, no need to worry;

(4) There is no fault for no reason;

(5) Small as a USB flash drive, you can pocket your pocket.


So easy to use, it is the biggest revolution!

 2. Almost consistent throat feeling, and comparable taste

People who have used IQOS are shocked by their taste and throat similar to cigarettes.

But JUUL has the same feeling, the exclusive nicotine salt patent, which provides the same strong throat and mellow taste during use.


Choose IQOS, choose JUUL!

3. Also no second-hand smoke tar, the same health choices

JUUL is the same as IQOS, with a small amount of smoke, and does not contain burning compounds such as tar, mainly water vapor, does not produce second-hand smoke, and does not disturb people around.

Does not absorb tar, keeps the real carcinogenic substances away, effectively reduces harm, and uses healthily

JUUL is a revolutionary and an innovator with respect to IQOS.

Under the same experience conditions, JUUL has a simpler way to use, a lower entry threshold.

Is it necessary for us to choose IQOS?

4. There are some Juul chargers that are very compatible with Juul.

Jmate PCC

Jmate P2

Jmate Car Charger


There is no doubt that some may have their own opinions about this topic. Below is a video about it. Let's have a look.

Analysis of the development prospect of electronic cigarette

The global e-cigarette market is booming, the whole industry is developing at a high speed, and it is backed by hundreds of billions of dollars in the tobacco market. The track and growth prospects are huge.

Flat tobacco - the electronic cigarette closest to the cigarette

With JUUL's use of nicotine salt technology to achieve a highly reduced true smoke taste, the convenience of flat smoke is almost equivalent to portable cigarettes, does not require frequent charging, can carry and has a real cigarette taste and the main growth engine of the future electronic cigarette industry Still from flat smoke.

Heating non-burning tobacco products - irreplaceable tobacco taste

Although heating does not burn tobacco products without the convenience of JUUL flat tobacco, it needs to be recharged, but its cartridge is real tobacco, and its tobacco taste has a certain taste advantage over that of nicotine salt, and its future is still better. Growth.

Big smoke - taste seekers and VAPE groups

A research center believes that big smoke still has the best taste characteristics. In the case of the same quality of smoke oil, its high-power and other characteristics provide the taste that is still ahead of other categories, but the market share due to the convenience and lack of aesthetics. Will be replaced by other categories, but rely on its specific VAPE group and taste seekers, still have a certain market.

With the FDA's supervision and the increase in certification fees, most of the large-scale cigarettes have adopted a diversified product strategy, which will eventually lead to a large single-product strategy, and the market concentration is higher than other categories.


Medium (rod) smoke - short-term development

For the middle cigarettes, according to the experimental data, the flat smoke small smoke has a small power, cannot fully exert the battery effect on the mouth effect, and the portability and aesthetics of the large smoke are poor.

Under the use of nicotine salt, the power of flat cigarette batteries is between 5-10W. In the short term, due to the bottleneck of lithium batteries, there is a certain market opportunity for cigarettes.


FDA regulatory impact analysis:


  • FDA requires that electronic cigarettes imported into the United States must meet the requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  • The FDA also reviews tobacco products that are not yet on the market in order to prevent tobacco companies from making misleading statements. At the same time, the composition of tobacco products is evaluated, the production process is reviewed, and the potential risks of tobacco products are consulted and warned.
  • The FDA also reviews tobacco products that are not yet on the market in order to prevent tobacco companies from making misleading statements. At the same time, the composition of tobacco products is evaluated, the production process is reviewed, and the potential risks of tobacco products are consulted and warned.


Analysis of the impact of FDA regulation on foundry companies:


  1. The FDA's regulatory requirements require that both its manufacturers and brand owners have higher and higher technical requirements and safety requirements. Cheap and cheap brands will gradually withdraw from the market, and the head effect of the electronic cigarette market will become more apparent.
  1. The ISO/TC126 Secretariat of the European Union and the FDA of the United States have completely incorporated e-cigarettes into the regulatory arena and introduced a fairly high market access mechanism. As a product of big smoke, the new and innovative features and appearance are the selling points that customers pursue, and this will also generate nearly astronomical certification fees. Large smoke products will reduce the diversification trend, some industries will be replaced by small smoke, and the concentration of large smoke industry will be more obvious than other categories.
  1. Technology, supply chain, and other hard power competition become the key to winning, with the increase in the supervision of electronic cigarettes, certification costs lead to more market products tend to standardize, similar to the traditional cottage mobile phone ten years ago with its special features And low-cost access to the market, but with the intensification of market standardization process, the cottage mobile phone retreats to the market, at the same time, the mobile phone enters the competition of brand and technical hard power.


E-cigarette industry development prospects

* With the advent of the non-combustible tobacco products represented by IQOS and the nicotine salt electronic cigarette technology represented by JUUL, the e-cigarette market has been popular in one fell swoop, and its taste is close to real smoke, laying a conditional foundation for instigating the traditional tobacco market, and the future. E-cigarettes will usher in a real growth era.

* E-cigarettes are healthier than real cigarettes. Compared with traditional tobacco, they have more long-term vitality and development prospects. In 2017, e-cigarettes rely on the US$470 billion (excluding China) cigarette market, and the growth imagination is huge.


Now is the time when e-cigarettes are emerging. The main problem facing investment institutions and entities is the huge technical strength, patents and channel monopoly of traditional large-scale tobacco companies. How to strengthen themselves and share this huge e-cigarette bonus.


Electronic cigarette enterprise competition pattern

* All major traditional tobaccos are equipped with electronic cigarettes. In addition to JUUL, which belongs to PAX laboratory products, well-known brands such as IQOS, VASE, and BLU have backgrounds of large tobacco companies. The major tobacco companies will continue to rely on strong technology research and development and channel capabilities. Reshuffle small and medium-sized enterprises.

* At the same time, FDA and national regulatory agencies have tightened supervision, and the strategic cost of multi-category SMEs has increased. The novel and diversified strategy will no longer be effective. The future is the competition of hard power such as technology, brand, and industrial chain integration ability. The industry barriers are getting higher and higher, and the challenge of new small players is getting bigger and bigger.


E-cigarette category development trend

Large smoke still maintains a certain market share; flat smoke (represented by JUUL) and heated non-burning tobacco products (represented by IQOS) become the mainstream of its future electronic cigarettes, especially electronic cigarettes represented by nicotine salts are not burning than heating Tobacco is more convenient, does not require frequent heating and charging, has a major breakthrough in portability and aesthetics, and its advantages are very obvious; while the middle (rod) smoke can maximize the taste of the battery, and has portability and aesthetics. It has certain advantages in the short term.


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