by Jmate net on June 13, 2019

Whether you’re considering creating the transition from ancient cigarettes to e-cigarettes, or if you’ve been vaping for a moment, but are considering switching up your device, there are 2 amazing ones you would possibly wish to try: JUUL and MYLE. 

Both of those vaping devices are skinny, lightweight, and have a lot of fashionable look than alternative sorts of e-cigarettes, however, what specifically are they? Are there any variations between the two? Which one is better? Persevere reading to search out the answers to those queries - and more.


JUUL hit the vaping scene back in 2015. it's nothing but just a sort of an ancient cigarette; it’s way more fun and trendy. It contains 2 elements: the bottom holds the temperature regulation system and battery, and the top holds JUUL pods that contain e-liquid; it also is the mouthpiece.


JUUL pods are available a spread of flavors, like mint, mango, fruit potpourri, and cucumber. They conjointly hold concerning .7 mil of e-juice and have a nicotine level of concerning five-hitter. Simply get in the pod of your alternative and you’re able to go. The capability of the battery is 200mAh, which may last you the complete day or a couple of hours, betting on however typically you employ it. Therefore the battery is rechargeable; it comes complete with a JUUL charger.

With a JUUL, you’ll travel two hundred puffs per pod, therefore you’ll be able to relish vaping for a good quantity of your time before you've got to vary out the pod.



MYLE is newer than JUUL; it’s solely been around since 2016. Their mission is to make alternatives to ancient cigarettes whereas maintaining an identical level of satisfaction.

It options a number of the foremost advanced vaping technology, that permits for an exceptionally sleek puff. MYLE conjointly incorporates a terribly sleek and fashionable style as well as JUUL. It absolutely was created in Italian Republic and options a number of the foremost advanced technologies.

Like JUUL, it options a bottom compartment MYLE device that holds the battery and a prime compartment that holds the e-juice  pod and acts as the mouthpiece. MYLE pods conjointly are available in a good choice of flavors, as well as strawberry, Cubano tobacco, mango, mint, and watermelon mint.


While the 2 devices do have an identical style, MYLE may be a bit a lot of slender, fits higher within the hand, and its weight is softer, thus it’s simple to hold. The e-juice capability of MYLE pods is 9 ml, as compared to the 7 ml capacity of JUUL, thus it'll last you a little longer. The battery life is 240mAh, so it lasts about 20% to 30% longer between charges than JUUL. Lastly, you’ll travel 240 puffs per pod with MYLE, as compared to the two hundred puffs JUUL pods supply.

Which is Better?

From a vaping perspective, each JUUL and MYLE are exceptional products. They're extraordinarily straightforward to use, the puffs are super sleek, they each provide an excellent choice of flavors to decide on from, are wide thought-about a healthier various to ancient cigarettes, and are therefore sleek and straightforward to hold around.

So, which one do you prefer, JUUL or MYLE?


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