6 Bothersome JUUL Issues

by Jmate net on May 29, 2019

Are you running into problems with your JUUL? Well, you’re not the only one! This article will cover the six most annoying issues that JUUL users commonly complain about.

Despite these complaints, JUUL has been getting a ton of publicity lately. This vape device is currently ALL THE RAGE. And as a result, JUUL Labs has skyrocketed to astronomical heights within the industry.  

As the profits pile up, so do the number of lawsuits. In the meantime, JUUL is moving to expand its offerings beyond the United States and into Great Britain with Europe to follow.  

But, as I said earlier JUUL is having its fair share of problems. Over the last year or so, people in droves are reporting that they are having difficulties with their devices.

The most serious problems with JUUL are discussed below, with some suggested fixes I’ve either found or figured out.   

I’ll keep you apprised as we learn about more problems with JUUL. In the meantime, these seem to be the most prevalent issues currently affecting JUUL users:


Typical Problems with JUUL Vape Devices 

  1. The Battery-Life on JUUL is Pathetic. Yep, I’m Not Exaggerating!  

This is a HUGE problem too because it cannot be solved. The issue is in the design of the device, which is something you can’t do anything about.

What makes JUUL so attractive is its slim elegant design, but that’s the kiss of death for battery life.

Tiny batteries equal a short battery life, and this universal principle is one that JUUL cannot overcome with the current design.

Heavy users are lucky if they get a few hours of usage. That’s the max!

Light to moderate users might be able to vape throughout the day, but that would be stretching it from what I’ve experienced.

All we can do is hope that JUUL Labs will have this figured out by the time it releases the next JUUL vape device.

Otherwise, you could always move to the UWELL Caliburn, which offers a pen-like pod system with fantastic battery life. Plus, it’s 100% refillable, making it far less expensive to use than the JUUL device.   

Quick Fix: If you’re really fed up with your JUUL’s short battery life, but you love the look and feel, you should get a spare battery from JUUL plus a portable charger and carry both with you at all times.

  1. JUUL Pods Have a Burnt Taste

TONS of JUUL users have reported a burnt taste when they’re vaping on a JUUL pod and it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether it’s a new one or old.

If you’re having this problem, the following could be why:

  • You might be pulling too hard, which could overly tax the coil.
  • You need to clean the gunk out of your JUUL because it could be mucking up the connection.

Quick Fix: To clean the gunk out of your JUUL, just take out the pod and use a Q-Tip to thoroughly clean out the inside.

This should take care of the burnt taste problem if it was due to dirty connectors. But, if the problem continues, even when you’re drawing on it lightly, your device could be faulty, which is quite common.

If your device is faulty, the warranty should allow JUUL to replace it with a new one.

  1. JUULs Can be Misplaced Way Too Easily  

I never anticipated this problem, but I’ve lost one JUUL after another!

Because it’s so small, I misplace my JUUL several times a week, at least.  

Sometimes I find it behind the sofa cushions and at other times it’s rolled under the seats of my car. I often search for hours until I finally find it. I can’t blame JUUL for this. It’s my fault for not being more careful.

I’ve heard that the JUUL 2 will come with Bluetooth so we should be able to connect it to our smartphones. Which begs the question, will there be a Find My JUUL app? I have no idea how many times I’ve used Find My iPhone when I’ve lost my phone, so I would sure welcome this!

  1. Can’t Get JUUL Pods to Fit Tightly  

If you can’t get the JUUL pods to fit the way they’re supposed to inside your JUUL vape, you’re in good company! You and tons of other users are having the exact same problem. What can I say? It’s probably due to poor quality control at JUUL Labs.

Quick Fix: The good news is that I found a fix for this, thanks to Reddit user DisgruntledGoatBoy. Here’s what he had to say:  

“I myself have two JUULs. In one the pods fit snugly like they’re supposed to and this one works great, I always get a nice hit. My other JUUL was a disaster from day one. I only used it when my good one was charging. The pods didn’t fit right, always a little loose. So, I would take the pod out and put it in again trying to get it to hit. I had problems charging it too because it wouldn’t detect the pod. On top of everything else, it never hit as well as the other one. The vapor seemed a lot thinner, so the entire experience was not satisfying at all.”

“Then, several weeks ago I happened to read a thread online about others having similar issues. Someone else chimed in telling everyone to place their fingers on top of the transparent hexagon on the pod. I immediately tried it and it sort of worked. The airflow was still too tight, but it started hitting more often. Then an idea came to me out of the blue.”  

“Assuming the problem was airflow, I decided to try a more permanent solution. I took out my needle-nose pliers and after removing the pod I pinched the empty end of the JUUL (where the pod was). I only pinched it a little because I knew I’d have to put the pod back in.”  

“Once I’d done that the pods fit tightly as they should and now I get a great hit every time. This one is now just as good as my other JUUL. I don’t need to put my fingers over the pod anymore or anything. I’m shocked by how much of a difference this made and the fix only took me a few seconds.”  

  1. JUUL is Just Not Hitting Right

This too is a very typical problem and it’s usually due to a bad connection between the battery and the JUUL pod.

Quick Fix: You can try fixing this with the same solution provided above since it would create a more secure connection between the battery and the pod.

You could also try something simpler: remove the JUUL pod and squeeze it between your fingers. If bubbles appear, keep flicking it until they disappear. That should do the trick of making the draw more potent.   

  1. JUUL Pods Cost WAY TOO MUCH

If you’ve been using your JUUL for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve noticed how expensive it’s become.

Spending $15 a pack is a lot of money, especially when they last only so long, no longer than a pack of cigarettes. This comes to about 200 puffs a pod, so if you’re a chain vaper, it can burn a hole through your wallet awfully fast!

Quick Fix: Fortunately, you can now use third-party options rather than JUUL pods and they work perfectly well in JUUL vape devices, even though they are not from JUUL. This certainly makes sense if you want to save money!


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